Week 2- General guidelines for what makes for effective social media marketing

  1. Gear your content towards your customers/potential client base.

    According to an article titled 10 Content Marketing Tips from Social Media Experts, on http://www.radian6.com/blog/2012/09/10-content-marketing-tips-from-social-media-experts/, “Make customers the hero in your content. They saved the day, came up with solution, reaped the reward” (Goldasich). What this means, is to gear your content towards your customers. If you think they want to see a video of a specific product, then make that video.

  2. Create posts that allow users to stay on the site they’re on, so they don’t have to log out or leave the social media site. It is a convenience to users.

    The Sandusky Register is a newspaper that has a facebook account in addition to their main site at www.sanduskyregister.com. Here they post breaking news, videos, photos, articles, blogs, and links to their site. This attracts users to their facebook page, as more than half of facebook users log on every day – that is more than 400 million people, according to the site: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/26-promising-social-media-stats-for-small-businesses. Because the users are already logged into facebook, it makes it easy to get their news right there daily; they don’t have to even leave the facebook site, which is a big convenience to users.

  3. Offer coupons, deals or steals to your social media followers.

    According to Garrison Marketing Solutions, “There are many ways to make use of social media to engage your customer base. First, you should regularly post Twitter and Facebook updates. You can let people know about discounts and sales being offered by your business. You can offer coupons or limited time deals available only to your social media followers.” This is posted on the site: http://www.garrisonmarketing.com/social-media-expert/social-media-marketing-portland-oregon. The more coupons you offer available only to your social media followers, the more followers you may get, as followers will share the coupons with their “friends.”

  4. Share video, photos, and examples of the products/services your business offers.

    I think that because Etsy posts all these examples on their social media marketing pages, they get a bigger client base. In an interview with Professor Mike Zellers of LCCC, when asked what makes effective social media marketing, Sally Whitwell states, “Sharing of audio and video has been very effective, also personal interactions with Tumblr followers and Facebook fans.” This shows how sharing examples of your products/services and also connecting with your client base can affect your business.

  5. Be available on more than one social media site.

    Etsy is a good example of using all different kinds of social media to promote their business. They are marketing themselves on 5 different social media websites. These include facebook, twitter, tumblr, youtube, and pininterest. Etsy is a business that sells homemade products. It is very popular for those who are looking to purchase handmade goods, especially things like pottery, jewelry, and costumes. On all of their social media pages, they have pictures, video and examples of their products. Because they have a lot of social media pages on different sites, they have a large customer base. It also allows users to share Etsy products with other users, so they end up with even more social media followers.


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