Week 4- Planning


My reaction to this slide show is positive. I think it agrees with the sources that Professor Zellers posted as it shows the four P’s in a different way. The four P’s are product, price, place, and promotion. In this slideshow, it shows social media marketing involves five core steps: what- the content, who- the audience, where & when- the platforms, how- the conversations & interactions, and why- the benefits for your product and brand.

I think this compares to the four P’s by:
Product: what- the content
Price: who- the audience
Place: where & when- the platforms
Promotion: how- the conversations & interactions, and why- the benefits for your product and brand

I think that it also agrees with the other sources posted because of all the focusing you need to do when creating a marketing plan. You need to focus on the content, the audience, the platforms (when using social media), the conversations & interaction, and the benefits for your product and brand.

There are three things I would add onto/change the semester project marketing plan format.

1. Add in: addition to target audience groups: Identify personas to help you identify potential character traits, personalities, habits, and attitudes of your target. This helps you create a social media plan of ideal scope and size.

2. Add in: Ask questions when creating objectives: How does information flow in my industry? Where do people get their information? How do consumers act in my industry? Do they hang out in networks? What influences my customers?

3. Change: Put the project in the format of who, what, when/where, why and how. It makes things so much more organized.

I think that’s it’s a good idea when a professor wants to solicit ideas about changing assignments from students, because I think that other people could have opinions on ways to make things better. However, I think it’s a difficult task to accomplish when the professor has already touched on the majority of the points already. For example, for this project, there aren’t too many things that I could find to add on the project. Everything I found is already listed.


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