Week 6- Blogs

Classmate Blogs

– I chose to review Holly M’s blog for “What makes for effective social media marketing?” I found her information that she shared to be very insightful, detailed and had very good ideas on what a company should do and shouldn’t do to be effective, which I think makes a good blog. For example, she stated that a company should do: “1.) A company should make sure that they communicate with their customers. The company should not just ‘push’ their products. If a customer asks a question or makes a comment, the company should respond (the response should also be a timely one). This individualizes the communication between the company and the customer.” I think this is a very good point, because when a company listens to their customers, that is the best way to sell their products, rather than just trying to ‘push’ them. When I go into a store, I want to be the one asking questions and getting answers. I don’t like to be “pushed” into buying something.

– I chose to review Autumn’s blog for “Assignment #2 Week #2.” I found her information to be very easy to read and insightful as well. For example, she had bold titles along with a paragraph below to explain what she meant, which definitely makes a good blog. It makes a blog very easy to read. Here’s an example of that: “Do Not Ignore Comments or Questions Don’t ignore anyone. This is harmful to your business. People want to know that you care!” I also like the information she shared, as it leads to a customer friendly business. I want to know that a business I’m dealing with cares about me as a customer.

Blogs about Social Media Marketing

– I chose Scott Monty’s Social Media Marketing Blog “A New Twist on Content.” I think he states it beautifully that “We need to stop thinking like message-driven marketers and more like human beings. We need to create content that fits into the mindset of the consumer, not incessantly force the consumer to listen to our message all the time.” I think that his blog is very good because I think the content he has is very good. I think what this quote means is that for marketing, companies/bloggers need to listen to the customers/readers, act like they care about their customers/readers, and gear their products/content toward their customers/readers. I think that this is a very good point. What better way to keep your client base, rather than to gear your products/content towards your customers/readers? Also, I think that his blog is also very good, not just because of the content, but the way that it is written. He has supporting materials, including things that are actually happening (Kraft’s food Oreo, “The Oreo Daily Twist”), quotes from people (like his CMO), and video and slideshow presentations.

– I chose Jeff Bullas Social Media Marketing Blog “How to Make a Digital Media Kit to Promote your Blog and Business.” I really think that his blog is good because it provides insight on how to promote your blog and business. It has the five most important things to include in your digital media kit, as well as detailed paragraphs about each of these things. It also gives you tips on making a media kit, which almost all businesses nowadays should have, based on the bulk of customers who are online. It also includes a link to his book if you happen to want more information. I also like that you can easily “share” his blog online via facebook, twitter, linked in, pininterest, etc…

Blogs used to Market

I think that certain criteria are determined for making an effective marketing blog.
A- Insightful, detailed, good ideas, good support (links to other sources, cite sources, etc)
B- Insightful, somewhat detailed, good ideas, good support
C- Insightful, not detailed, good ideas, good support
D- Insightful, not detailed, no good ideas/support
F- Very short blog, Not insightful, not detailed, no good ideas/support

-I chose to review AMC TV’s blog “The Walking Dead Two-Day Marathon Starts Sat. Oct. 13.” I give this blog an “A.” It is insightful as it gives people an insight on what’s going to happen. It is very detailed. It says exactly when the two-day marathon will start, when to catch it on television, and what channel to tune in on. It even has good ideas and support. It showcases it’s features, which includes: Webisodes (so you can watch previous episodes online), sneak peak of photos for the next season, and how AMC offers DISH customers Live Stream of The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere (as AMC is no longer part of the DISH service).

– I chose to review Xbox Live’s Major Nelson’s blog “Medal of Honor Warfighter Open Beta.” I give this blog a “D.” It is insightful as it gives people an insight on the game itself and a very short paragraph to what the game is about. However this blog is very short, it is not detailed, it has no good ideas/support. The only support it has is to add the game to your queue to download and also to a link to “learn more on Nelson’s latest podcast.”

– I chose to review Adobe’s blog “I’m ‘All in’ for Adobe Learning Summit, Vegas, Oct. 29, 2012.” I give this blog a “B.” It is insightful as it gives people an insight to the Adobe Learning Summit in Vegas, and it also gives you details on when it is as well. It is somewhat detailed, as it gives a nice overview on what to expect for the event. It also has good ideas/good support as it also has links to Adobe eTrainings (Live and On-demand), eSeminars (Live and On-demand), Adobe Captivate Tutorials, Adobe Presenter Tutorials, and a link to download eLearning Examples. It even has a link to click to “like” Adobe Captivate on facebook, so you can share the page with all of your facebook friends.


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