Week 7– Facebook and Google +

Effective Use of Facebook for Marketing

  1. Mercedes-Benz (Most Effective) – Gives you a classic look at classy cars. This facebook page has so many features. It has photos, a global experience (which includes mobile/pininterest/twitter/facebook apps, driving events, a link to the Mercedes-Benz museum, movies that their cars starred in, a mixed tape, a link to Google+/YouTube/instagram, and even Mercedes-Benz in sports and fashion), Mercedes-Benz TV and products. The TV link is cool because here you can experience all of Mercedes-Benz YouTube videos in one place, without even leaving facebook.
  2. Ducati Motorcycles (Second Most Effective) – Ducati has many links as well, but not as many features for fans as Mercedes-Benz does. They have special coupons and deals on their site. They also have photos (from their official shop as well as motorcycle photos), a link to their Ducati Official shop, a link to their Ducati “Canale YouTube,” and a link to their Twitter account. The Canale YouTube link is neat because just like Mercedes-Benz, you can experience all of Ducati’s YouTube videos in one place without leaving facebook.
  3. Disney Baby (Least Effective) – Each day gives you tips on what kind of deals/steals you can find for your baby, articles about babies, decorations for your baby’s room, parenting tips, and clothing items. However, they don’t have as many links/features on their site as Mercedes-Benz and Ducati Motorcycles do for their fans. They have photos (of baby clothes/decorations, etc), magical moments (a link to their YouTube video, which also plays right from facebook), a link to their Twitter account, and a link to their events.

In ranking these from Most effective to least effective, I referred to this article titled “20 Examples of Great Facebook Fan Pages”: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/9469/20-Examples-of-Great-Facebook-Fan-Pages.aspx

Comparing Facebook and Google+ from a Business/Marketing Perspective


I think that Facebook is a good tool for businesses as they can reach more customers this way. Especially when people “like” things that you post about your business, they end up sharing the things they “like” about your business with all of their friends on Facebook. This could allow you to reach more of an audience through just one person. For example, if one person has 900 friends, then just having that one person “like” something about your business will share it with 900 people. This also allows you to market your business. For example, if you sell clothing items, and a Facebook fan “likes” one of your clothing items, then that clothing item shows up on all of that Facebook fan’s friend’s newsfeeds. Facebook is like advertising for free.

According to a slideshow titled “Facebook tools for business” you can also get endorsements which in turn determine your level of reputation (Information derived from: http://www.slideshare.net/fated82/facebook-tools-for-business). Also, according to this slideshow, you can make cost-free telephone calls/conference calls all over the world through Facebook. It even lets you create voicemail, as well as upload your videos/photos/slideshows to share with your Facebook fans. The only disadvantage I see to using Facebook to market, is any negative feedback/comments you may get from yours “fans.”


I think that Google+ is also a good tool for businesses because a lot of it’s capabilities are similiar to Facebook where you can market your business easily by fans sharing what you upload. However, it has a few different features from Facebook that will make it look like a promising tool for businesses to market:

– Circles: The most obvious difference between Google+ and other social media sites is the ability to put people into “Circles”. So instead of all 700 of your Facebook friends seeing your update about your dog, you can select only “Close Friends” or “Family”. Google+ starts with a couple default circles, but the options are endless. For businesses this means you could have separate circles for customers, vendors, employees, prospects or any other category you would like. This would allow you to send targeted messages to different populations, increasing the likelihood that they will find your content relevant and engaging. (Information derived from: http://www.techmd.com/news/google-and-social-media-marketing/) I can also see this becoming a disadvantage because not all your friends will see every post/update, just the few that you chose, which could lead to less people getting your “free advertising.

– Sparks: Sparks allows you to create news feeds about almost any topic you are interested in. It leverages Google’s search prowess, allowing you to integrate your information gathering with your social media. With this tool, businesses could stay up to date with the latest news in their field while sharing it with the appropriate audience through the same platform. (Information derived from: http://www.techmd.com/news/google-and-social-media-marketing/) I don’t see any disavantage to this.

– Hangouts: This technology isn’t new. Hangouts are group video chats, where you can invite up to 10 people to share a video chat room. On the business side, it could allow seamless video meetings with vendors and employees around the globe. (Information derived from: http://www.techmd.com/news/google-and-social-media-marketing/) I don’t see any disadvntage to this either.


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