Week 12- Case Study- Disney

I think that Disney uses social media well.

I think that Disney’s goals are:
– To get more people to follow them online and to like their page
– To promote their new products, deals/updates at their Disney parks, and movies
– To stay in touch with their fans

I think that Disney’s customers’ goals are:
– To stay up-to-date on new Disney products, park information, and movies
– To keep their kids entertained

Disney on Facebook

I think that Disney uses Facebook well, as it has 38 million likes. This means that whenever Disney posts something on their Facebook page, 38 million people see it. I think that the more people that “like” their posts, the more people it reaches, thus the more people end up “liking” the Disney page itself. They definitely promote their products and movies on their site as well. They are constantly updating their upcoming products and movies on the site. For example, they most recently posted a post about Wreck-It-Ralph being “in theaters now.”

Also, they end up promoting people to purchase from their Disney Store. For example, on November 8, they posted a post saying: “Use the code DISNEYPAL from today through Monday and get 25% off your Disney Store purchase—online and in stores. Shop now: http://di.sn/h5B.”

The only way you can get these promotions online is by being one of their “fans” on Facebook, which definitely gets more people to become their “fans” on Facebook. This helps promote the company and products to more people.

Disney on Twitter

Disney also uses Twitter well to promote their products and movies. They don’t have as many followers on Twitter as they do on Facebook. They only have 1,459,955 followers on Twitter, which may seem small compared to the 38 million Facebook fans. However, I think that the Twitter fans are engaged according to the 347 re-tweets and the 124 favorites on their most recent status on November 15 that has only been up for an hour. This status is promoting their most recent movie in theaters, Wreck-It-Ralph.

Disney keeps in contact with their fans via Twitter and Facebook through the examples above, but also by using Disney Decode. Disney Decode is a fun way to keep in contact with their fans because it’s a game. Disney posts a word scramble. People then comment on the decoded word. An example of this on Twitter is shown below.

Disney’s Blog

I really enjoyed looking at and reading the Disney Blog. It always promotes information regarding the Disney parks and updates. Below, it shows their most recent post on November 15, 2012 that they are developing a show based on their popular roller coaster.

They also post images/videos on their blog to their new movies/trailers. Here, they are promoting a new trailer to their new movie “Oz The Great and Powerful”

Disney on YouTube

I really enjoyed visiting the Disney YouTube channel. I think that this channel definitely keeps fans entertained. There are 21,176 subscribers, 1,551,021 video views. I think that this can definitely be promoted more, considering all the followers they have on Facebook. I definitely like how they show different “mini-movies” on their YouTube channel. For example, they even showed a short movie called Disney’s Electric Holiday – Starring Minnie Mouse.

I think that Disney uses social media well because they use all the channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a Disney blog to promote all their products, movies, Web site, and new additions to their Disney Parks. They also use their social media channels to stay in touch with their fans through games, comments and movie clips.


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