Week 13- Case Study- Subway

I think that Subway uses social media well.

I think that Subway’s goals are:
– To get more people to follow them online and to like their page
– To promote their new sandwiches, specials and deals
– To stay in touch with their fans

I think that Subway’s customers’ goals are:
– To stay up-to-date on new sandwiches
– To know when Subway has new specials and deals

Subway on Facebook

I think that Subway on Facebook shows that they know how to promote their business and that Subway is not shy when it comes to social media. Subway has 18,168,948 likes on Facebook. Facebook even has “Fill in the Blank’s” for customers/fans to be interactive with their page. For example, they have “November’s Featured $5 Footlong is” __________ (Fill in the blank: Spicy Italian, see below photo). That post has 447 shares, 17,438 people like it, and there are 3,241 comments on it. This helps Subway stay in touch with their fans by having them interact on their page. Also, as people “like” certain things on Facebook, they end up “sharing” whatever they like with all their Facebook friends. So people who liked the picture of November’s Featured $5 Footlong, ended up sharing it with their friends, which in turn makes Subway known on Facebook, and more people end up becoming a fan of the page.


Also Subway has a sign up section on their page, under “Fresh Buzz.” Here, you can sign up for their emails, to get specials and deals sent straight to your email. This allows them to promote their products and increase email and user sign-ups with their site.


Subway also has a part of their site where it shows upcoming events, like deals of the day. For example, they had an event on October 1, 2012 where you can “Get a FREE 6” Sub Before 9AM!”


Subway on Twitter

Twitter has only 817,908 followers, which seems to be low considering the 18 million plus they have on Facebook. I think that they can do more to promote themselves on Twitter. On the post below that they posted on November 14, they only had 33 re-tweets and 20 favorites. They are trying to be active on Twitter, as they post questions and other “tweets” daily to stay in touch with their fans, such as the post they had November 14, saying “Spicy Italian! What’s your favorite Subway sandwich?”


Subway even tagged “Jimmy Kimmel” in a post wishing him a happy birthday and making him a special sandwich. There were only 18 re-tweets and 22 favorites on it.


Subway on YouTube

I think that Subway on YouTube is a really neat channel. I think it’s sad they don’t have that many subscribers (1,112 subscribers), but they have a lot of video views (13,735,693 video views). For example, they post all the commercials and videos they have for Subway. These commercials are definitely entertaining. I think that people actually go on YouTube for the commercials and they post links to them on their Facebook and Twitter pages. They do this because the commercials are funny.


On their Subway page in their “About section” they have links to their Facebook and Twitter accounts so that viewers can “follow them” on Facebook and Twitter. I think that’s a smart thing to do, as they are promoting their company this way and increasing users and views on all of their social networking sites.


On-Site Page Sharing

Subway actually has a way to share their page on their site. In the sharing section, they have links to their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts/videos. This allows users to share their videos/commercials, as well as become fans on Facebook and Twitter.


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