Week 14- Measuring Social Media Marketing

I reviewed three recent articles about measuring social media marketing:

1. Take the Devil Out Your Social Marketing Details
SumAll is a new data-visualization tool that links companies social media marketing with metrics such as Web traffic, how many people view a photo or status, and how many people comment or share a photo or status. SumAll is free and will always remain free, at least it’s basic services. In the future, the company will offer a premium paid service.

2. Why Social Media Analytics Matters
Businesses need to be careful about what they post on social media sites, as this constantly needs fine tuning. You need to measure the size of your audience, activity of your audience, and the responses from your audience. You also need to identify patterns such as topics of interest and common themes among your audience. Metrics and measuring can provide this type of information for you, as well as makes you see what your audience is really interested in, especially if they are customers for your business.

3. What Do Small Businesses Do on Social Media?
More small businesses on social media than in previous years because they are starting to realize the benefit of social media – it is a way to promote their business. Analyzing their efforts is a must because if they don’t, then they don’t know what’s effective or in-effective in their marketing, because you don’t want to waste your time. Measuring metrics is more than just counting fans, mentions, comments, shares and posts. What they need to measure is how much social media drives traffic to your site, how many leads are coming from social media, and how many new customers you’re getting from it. This is the way to grow their business.

My understanding of measuring Social Media Marketing
I think that businesses definitely need to measure their efforts in social media marketing so that they know what’s effective in their marketing and they don’t waste their time. In metrics, it’s important to find out how much your efforts drive traffic to your site, how many new leads you are getting and how many new customers you are getting. It is also important to measure topics and themes that are popular among your audience/customers. SumAll is a new program that can help measure all these efforts, and the best thing is that it’s free!


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