Week 14- Measuring Social Media Marketing

I reviewed three recent articles about measuring social media marketing:

1. Take the Devil Out Your Social Marketing Details
SumAll is a new data-visualization tool that links companies social media marketing with metrics such as Web traffic, how many people view a photo or status, and how many people comment or share a photo or status. SumAll is free and will always remain free, at least it’s basic services. In the future, the company will offer a premium paid service.

2. Why Social Media Analytics Matters
Businesses need to be careful about what they post on social media sites, as this constantly needs fine tuning. You need to measure the size of your audience, activity of your audience, and the responses from your audience. You also need to identify patterns such as topics of interest and common themes among your audience. Metrics and measuring can provide this type of information for you, as well as makes you see what your audience is really interested in, especially if they are customers for your business.

3. What Do Small Businesses Do on Social Media?
More small businesses on social media than in previous years because they are starting to realize the benefit of social media – it is a way to promote their business. Analyzing their efforts is a must because if they don’t, then they don’t know what’s effective or in-effective in their marketing, because you don’t want to waste your time. Measuring metrics is more than just counting fans, mentions, comments, shares and posts. What they need to measure is how much social media drives traffic to your site, how many leads are coming from social media, and how many new customers you’re getting from it. This is the way to grow their business.

My understanding of measuring Social Media Marketing
I think that businesses definitely need to measure their efforts in social media marketing so that they know what’s effective in their marketing and they don’t waste their time. In metrics, it’s important to find out how much your efforts drive traffic to your site, how many new leads you are getting and how many new customers you are getting. It is also important to measure topics and themes that are popular among your audience/customers. SumAll is a new program that can help measure all these efforts, and the best thing is that it’s free!


Week 13- Case Study- Subway

I think that Subway uses social media well.

I think that Subway’s goals are:
– To get more people to follow them online and to like their page
– To promote their new sandwiches, specials and deals
– To stay in touch with their fans

I think that Subway’s customers’ goals are:
– To stay up-to-date on new sandwiches
– To know when Subway has new specials and deals

Subway on Facebook

I think that Subway on Facebook shows that they know how to promote their business and that Subway is not shy when it comes to social media. Subway has 18,168,948 likes on Facebook. Facebook even has “Fill in the Blank’s” for customers/fans to be interactive with their page. For example, they have “November’s Featured $5 Footlong is” __________ (Fill in the blank: Spicy Italian, see below photo). That post has 447 shares, 17,438 people like it, and there are 3,241 comments on it. This helps Subway stay in touch with their fans by having them interact on their page. Also, as people “like” certain things on Facebook, they end up “sharing” whatever they like with all their Facebook friends. So people who liked the picture of November’s Featured $5 Footlong, ended up sharing it with their friends, which in turn makes Subway known on Facebook, and more people end up becoming a fan of the page.


Also Subway has a sign up section on their page, under “Fresh Buzz.” Here, you can sign up for their emails, to get specials and deals sent straight to your email. This allows them to promote their products and increase email and user sign-ups with their site.


Subway also has a part of their site where it shows upcoming events, like deals of the day. For example, they had an event on October 1, 2012 where you can “Get a FREE 6” Sub Before 9AM!”


Subway on Twitter

Twitter has only 817,908 followers, which seems to be low considering the 18 million plus they have on Facebook. I think that they can do more to promote themselves on Twitter. On the post below that they posted on November 14, they only had 33 re-tweets and 20 favorites. They are trying to be active on Twitter, as they post questions and other “tweets” daily to stay in touch with their fans, such as the post they had November 14, saying “Spicy Italian! What’s your favorite Subway sandwich?”


Subway even tagged “Jimmy Kimmel” in a post wishing him a happy birthday and making him a special sandwich. There were only 18 re-tweets and 22 favorites on it.


Subway on YouTube

I think that Subway on YouTube is a really neat channel. I think it’s sad they don’t have that many subscribers (1,112 subscribers), but they have a lot of video views (13,735,693 video views). For example, they post all the commercials and videos they have for Subway. These commercials are definitely entertaining. I think that people actually go on YouTube for the commercials and they post links to them on their Facebook and Twitter pages. They do this because the commercials are funny.


On their Subway page in their “About section” they have links to their Facebook and Twitter accounts so that viewers can “follow them” on Facebook and Twitter. I think that’s a smart thing to do, as they are promoting their company this way and increasing users and views on all of their social networking sites.


On-Site Page Sharing

Subway actually has a way to share their page on their site. In the sharing section, they have links to their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts/videos. This allows users to share their videos/commercials, as well as become fans on Facebook and Twitter.

Week 12- Case Study- Disney

I think that Disney uses social media well.

I think that Disney’s goals are:
– To get more people to follow them online and to like their page
– To promote their new products, deals/updates at their Disney parks, and movies
– To stay in touch with their fans

I think that Disney’s customers’ goals are:
– To stay up-to-date on new Disney products, park information, and movies
– To keep their kids entertained

Disney on Facebook

I think that Disney uses Facebook well, as it has 38 million likes. This means that whenever Disney posts something on their Facebook page, 38 million people see it. I think that the more people that “like” their posts, the more people it reaches, thus the more people end up “liking” the Disney page itself. They definitely promote their products and movies on their site as well. They are constantly updating their upcoming products and movies on the site. For example, they most recently posted a post about Wreck-It-Ralph being “in theaters now.”

Also, they end up promoting people to purchase from their Disney Store. For example, on November 8, they posted a post saying: “Use the code DISNEYPAL from today through Monday and get 25% off your Disney Store purchase—online and in stores. Shop now: http://di.sn/h5B.”

The only way you can get these promotions online is by being one of their “fans” on Facebook, which definitely gets more people to become their “fans” on Facebook. This helps promote the company and products to more people.

Disney on Twitter

Disney also uses Twitter well to promote their products and movies. They don’t have as many followers on Twitter as they do on Facebook. They only have 1,459,955 followers on Twitter, which may seem small compared to the 38 million Facebook fans. However, I think that the Twitter fans are engaged according to the 347 re-tweets and the 124 favorites on their most recent status on November 15 that has only been up for an hour. This status is promoting their most recent movie in theaters, Wreck-It-Ralph.

Disney keeps in contact with their fans via Twitter and Facebook through the examples above, but also by using Disney Decode. Disney Decode is a fun way to keep in contact with their fans because it’s a game. Disney posts a word scramble. People then comment on the decoded word. An example of this on Twitter is shown below.

Disney’s Blog

I really enjoyed looking at and reading the Disney Blog. It always promotes information regarding the Disney parks and updates. Below, it shows their most recent post on November 15, 2012 that they are developing a show based on their popular roller coaster.

They also post images/videos on their blog to their new movies/trailers. Here, they are promoting a new trailer to their new movie “Oz The Great and Powerful”

Disney on YouTube

I really enjoyed visiting the Disney YouTube channel. I think that this channel definitely keeps fans entertained. There are 21,176 subscribers, 1,551,021 video views. I think that this can definitely be promoted more, considering all the followers they have on Facebook. I definitely like how they show different “mini-movies” on their YouTube channel. For example, they even showed a short movie called Disney’s Electric Holiday – Starring Minnie Mouse.

I think that Disney uses social media well because they use all the channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a Disney blog to promote all their products, movies, Web site, and new additions to their Disney Parks. They also use their social media channels to stay in touch with their fans through games, comments and movie clips.

Week 11- Twitter and other social networking tools

My twitter page is https://twitter.com/JCristobal27

Ranking three organizations using Twitter to market their products/services:

Abercrombie & Fitch- Abercrombie & Fitch is pretty effective when marketing their products/services on Twitter. They post at least two times per week a new product or topic for people to comment on and share with their Twitter followers.

Bath & Body Works- I think that Bath & Body Works is even more effective than Abercrombie & Fitch. They have contests, they advertise their products, and their posts are humorous. The only thing is, I think they kind of take over follower’s Twitter pages with constant updates. It seems like they have a few posts almost every hour!

Hollister Co.- I think that Hollister Co. is more effective than Abercrombie & Fitch as well. They post news (for example, their store in New York City re-opened November 3), contests, and clothing (what they’re trying to market); and also have humorous posts.

Guidelines to the effective use of Twitter:

In an article titled “10 Traits of Highly Effective Twitter Users” it states that there are certain guidelines for the effective use of Twitter. They are:

  1. Be welcoming & friendly- say hello to your new followers or folks that you would like to get to know.
  2. Engage people- ask questions and respond to queries that interest you.
  3. Be humorous- funny Tweets really help to break up the timeline.
  4. Inform- provide useful information and news items.
  5. Regular time- tweet at a regular time and in a consistent voice.
  6. Monitor self-promotion- it is fine to promote your projects and work, but nobody likes to be spammed all day.
  7. Promote others- “retweet” liberally and highlight good work.
  8. Link in post- link to other Twitter users that you would like to connect with in blog posts.
  9. Listen- there’s no need to dominate the conversation all the time, so spend some time just reading what others are saying/Tweeting.
  10. Be human- not always obvious but most important, being a “real” person is probably the most important trait of any effective Twitter user.

    (Derived from: http://www.twitip.com/10-traits-of-highly-effective-twitter-users/)

Is Twitter better suited for some organizations than others? If so, what about an organization makes it well suited for Twitter?

I think that Twitter is definitely better suited for some organizations than others. I think that as long as the majority of customers that a company has is on Twitter, that makes the company well-suited for Twitter. For example, for clothing companies, like Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister Co., the majority of the demographic of customers they are trying to market to are on Twitter. This includes teenagers up to people in their twenties.

This is different then if you’re looking at a car company like Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz tries to market to a different demographic of customers, mostly older customers, who aren’t really on Twitter. This may mean that a company like Mercedes Benz may not be as well-suited for Twitter as a clothing company like Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister Co.

Other Social Networking platforms that I tweeted about

CafeMom.com is an online community where millions of moms meet each day to talk, share advice, make new friends, and play games. The benefits this offers users is that moms can meet every day to talk, share advice, make new friends, and play games. This can have many marketing benefits for marketeers, such as marketing for baby products, children’s products, and family products.

buzznet.com/ is a music community that features band photos, fashion and celebrities. The benefits this offers users is that users can go online to talk about music, get updates in the music industry and find new artists. This can have many marketing benefits for marketeers, such as marketing for CD’s, music, music videos, and other products that have to do with music (i.e. Justin Bieber, the singer, doll).

classmates.com is the best way to find old high school friends and browse the biggest collection of yearbooks on the web. The benefits this offers users is that users can go online and re-connect with their high school friends. This can offer many marketing benefits for marketeers, such as supplies for high school reunions, the selling of old yearbooks, and other products based on the age demographics of the people who are currently online (such as music, videos and other entertainment).

Week 8- What makes an effective YouTube marketing video

According to an article titled “Five things that make a marketing video effective,” by Marketing with Video and Rich Media Blog, what makes an effective marketing video is one that is “fun, memorable, evocative and it’s something that you want to share. It informs you, it engages you, it moves you and it’s very well done.” (Derived from: http://onemarketmedia.com/blog/2011/12/five-things-that-make-a-marketing-video-effective/) There are three videos that I found on YouTube that I think are very effective in their marketing:

Art- The All-New 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL

I think that this video is engaging. It definitely keeps you interested and entertained. The music draws you in. It is short, simple, and straight to the point and it leaves you wanting more. It is something people will want to share when they first watch it. I know I did. I shared it right away with my husband. http://youtu.be/0ZPFcibSEpw

Paris Motorshow 2012. BMW highlights

I think that this video keeps viewers interested and entertained. I like how it gives viewers an overview out of all the major vehicles that were shown at the show, which leaves people wanting more. I think that with all the specifications that they share with you, they definitely get people interested in the products. http://youtu.be/R7UUGXBxW8Y

No Matter What. Sweat. Every. Day. – Under Armour Women

I think that this video is also very engaging (the music definitely gets viewers interested to tune in), especially to women who want to work out and get fit. Under Armour makes athletic gear for people who do physical activities. This video markets to women to encourage them to workout and it showcases their athletic gear in action. It points women towards their web site to get them to buy their products as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yUkong5zZg&feature=share&list=PL19E2659C3C2CA093


In conclusion, I believe that there are a few things that make a good marketing video. According to a slideshow presentation on slideshare.net titled “How to create an Effective Video,” by Di-Anne Di Re, shares what she thinks makes an effective marketing video. In her presentation, she shares 5 Rules to video marketing success. They are: “Number one. Have a great concept and plan your videos. Number two. Relay your message well. Number three. Make your videos short but simple. Number four. Give them a surprise and twist. Number five. Reach out and give what your target audience needs.” She also shares 5 components of a good video. They are: “Number one. Interesting and direct to the target audience. Number two. Informative and/or entertaining. Number three. Leaves the viewer wanting more and feeling the need to go to your web site. Number four. Has good potential to be ‘viral’. Number five. Appear professional.” (Derived from: http://www.slideshare.net/diannedire/video-marketing-7091570)

Week 7– Facebook and Google +

Effective Use of Facebook for Marketing

  1. Mercedes-Benz (Most Effective) – Gives you a classic look at classy cars. This facebook page has so many features. It has photos, a global experience (which includes mobile/pininterest/twitter/facebook apps, driving events, a link to the Mercedes-Benz museum, movies that their cars starred in, a mixed tape, a link to Google+/YouTube/instagram, and even Mercedes-Benz in sports and fashion), Mercedes-Benz TV and products. The TV link is cool because here you can experience all of Mercedes-Benz YouTube videos in one place, without even leaving facebook.
  2. Ducati Motorcycles (Second Most Effective) – Ducati has many links as well, but not as many features for fans as Mercedes-Benz does. They have special coupons and deals on their site. They also have photos (from their official shop as well as motorcycle photos), a link to their Ducati Official shop, a link to their Ducati “Canale YouTube,” and a link to their Twitter account. The Canale YouTube link is neat because just like Mercedes-Benz, you can experience all of Ducati’s YouTube videos in one place without leaving facebook.
  3. Disney Baby (Least Effective) – Each day gives you tips on what kind of deals/steals you can find for your baby, articles about babies, decorations for your baby’s room, parenting tips, and clothing items. However, they don’t have as many links/features on their site as Mercedes-Benz and Ducati Motorcycles do for their fans. They have photos (of baby clothes/decorations, etc), magical moments (a link to their YouTube video, which also plays right from facebook), a link to their Twitter account, and a link to their events.

In ranking these from Most effective to least effective, I referred to this article titled “20 Examples of Great Facebook Fan Pages”: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/9469/20-Examples-of-Great-Facebook-Fan-Pages.aspx

Comparing Facebook and Google+ from a Business/Marketing Perspective


I think that Facebook is a good tool for businesses as they can reach more customers this way. Especially when people “like” things that you post about your business, they end up sharing the things they “like” about your business with all of their friends on Facebook. This could allow you to reach more of an audience through just one person. For example, if one person has 900 friends, then just having that one person “like” something about your business will share it with 900 people. This also allows you to market your business. For example, if you sell clothing items, and a Facebook fan “likes” one of your clothing items, then that clothing item shows up on all of that Facebook fan’s friend’s newsfeeds. Facebook is like advertising for free.

According to a slideshow titled “Facebook tools for business” you can also get endorsements which in turn determine your level of reputation (Information derived from: http://www.slideshare.net/fated82/facebook-tools-for-business). Also, according to this slideshow, you can make cost-free telephone calls/conference calls all over the world through Facebook. It even lets you create voicemail, as well as upload your videos/photos/slideshows to share with your Facebook fans. The only disadvantage I see to using Facebook to market, is any negative feedback/comments you may get from yours “fans.”


I think that Google+ is also a good tool for businesses because a lot of it’s capabilities are similiar to Facebook where you can market your business easily by fans sharing what you upload. However, it has a few different features from Facebook that will make it look like a promising tool for businesses to market:

– Circles: The most obvious difference between Google+ and other social media sites is the ability to put people into “Circles”. So instead of all 700 of your Facebook friends seeing your update about your dog, you can select only “Close Friends” or “Family”. Google+ starts with a couple default circles, but the options are endless. For businesses this means you could have separate circles for customers, vendors, employees, prospects or any other category you would like. This would allow you to send targeted messages to different populations, increasing the likelihood that they will find your content relevant and engaging. (Information derived from: http://www.techmd.com/news/google-and-social-media-marketing/) I can also see this becoming a disadvantage because not all your friends will see every post/update, just the few that you chose, which could lead to less people getting your “free advertising.

– Sparks: Sparks allows you to create news feeds about almost any topic you are interested in. It leverages Google’s search prowess, allowing you to integrate your information gathering with your social media. With this tool, businesses could stay up to date with the latest news in their field while sharing it with the appropriate audience through the same platform. (Information derived from: http://www.techmd.com/news/google-and-social-media-marketing/) I don’t see any disavantage to this.

– Hangouts: This technology isn’t new. Hangouts are group video chats, where you can invite up to 10 people to share a video chat room. On the business side, it could allow seamless video meetings with vendors and employees around the globe. (Information derived from: http://www.techmd.com/news/google-and-social-media-marketing/) I don’t see any disadvntage to this either.

Week 6- Blogs

Classmate Blogs

– I chose to review Holly M’s blog for “What makes for effective social media marketing?” I found her information that she shared to be very insightful, detailed and had very good ideas on what a company should do and shouldn’t do to be effective, which I think makes a good blog. For example, she stated that a company should do: “1.) A company should make sure that they communicate with their customers. The company should not just ‘push’ their products. If a customer asks a question or makes a comment, the company should respond (the response should also be a timely one). This individualizes the communication between the company and the customer.” I think this is a very good point, because when a company listens to their customers, that is the best way to sell their products, rather than just trying to ‘push’ them. When I go into a store, I want to be the one asking questions and getting answers. I don’t like to be “pushed” into buying something.

– I chose to review Autumn’s blog for “Assignment #2 Week #2.” I found her information to be very easy to read and insightful as well. For example, she had bold titles along with a paragraph below to explain what she meant, which definitely makes a good blog. It makes a blog very easy to read. Here’s an example of that: “Do Not Ignore Comments or Questions Don’t ignore anyone. This is harmful to your business. People want to know that you care!” I also like the information she shared, as it leads to a customer friendly business. I want to know that a business I’m dealing with cares about me as a customer.

Blogs about Social Media Marketing

– I chose Scott Monty’s Social Media Marketing Blog “A New Twist on Content.” I think he states it beautifully that “We need to stop thinking like message-driven marketers and more like human beings. We need to create content that fits into the mindset of the consumer, not incessantly force the consumer to listen to our message all the time.” I think that his blog is very good because I think the content he has is very good. I think what this quote means is that for marketing, companies/bloggers need to listen to the customers/readers, act like they care about their customers/readers, and gear their products/content toward their customers/readers. I think that this is a very good point. What better way to keep your client base, rather than to gear your products/content towards your customers/readers? Also, I think that his blog is also very good, not just because of the content, but the way that it is written. He has supporting materials, including things that are actually happening (Kraft’s food Oreo, “The Oreo Daily Twist”), quotes from people (like his CMO), and video and slideshow presentations.

– I chose Jeff Bullas Social Media Marketing Blog “How to Make a Digital Media Kit to Promote your Blog and Business.” I really think that his blog is good because it provides insight on how to promote your blog and business. It has the five most important things to include in your digital media kit, as well as detailed paragraphs about each of these things. It also gives you tips on making a media kit, which almost all businesses nowadays should have, based on the bulk of customers who are online. It also includes a link to his book if you happen to want more information. I also like that you can easily “share” his blog online via facebook, twitter, linked in, pininterest, etc…

Blogs used to Market

I think that certain criteria are determined for making an effective marketing blog.
A- Insightful, detailed, good ideas, good support (links to other sources, cite sources, etc)
B- Insightful, somewhat detailed, good ideas, good support
C- Insightful, not detailed, good ideas, good support
D- Insightful, not detailed, no good ideas/support
F- Very short blog, Not insightful, not detailed, no good ideas/support

-I chose to review AMC TV’s blog “The Walking Dead Two-Day Marathon Starts Sat. Oct. 13.” I give this blog an “A.” It is insightful as it gives people an insight on what’s going to happen. It is very detailed. It says exactly when the two-day marathon will start, when to catch it on television, and what channel to tune in on. It even has good ideas and support. It showcases it’s features, which includes: Webisodes (so you can watch previous episodes online), sneak peak of photos for the next season, and how AMC offers DISH customers Live Stream of The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere (as AMC is no longer part of the DISH service).

– I chose to review Xbox Live’s Major Nelson’s blog “Medal of Honor Warfighter Open Beta.” I give this blog a “D.” It is insightful as it gives people an insight on the game itself and a very short paragraph to what the game is about. However this blog is very short, it is not detailed, it has no good ideas/support. The only support it has is to add the game to your queue to download and also to a link to “learn more on Nelson’s latest podcast.”

– I chose to review Adobe’s blog “I’m ‘All in’ for Adobe Learning Summit, Vegas, Oct. 29, 2012.” I give this blog a “B.” It is insightful as it gives people an insight to the Adobe Learning Summit in Vegas, and it also gives you details on when it is as well. It is somewhat detailed, as it gives a nice overview on what to expect for the event. It also has good ideas/good support as it also has links to Adobe eTrainings (Live and On-demand), eSeminars (Live and On-demand), Adobe Captivate Tutorials, Adobe Presenter Tutorials, and a link to download eLearning Examples. It even has a link to click to “like” Adobe Captivate on facebook, so you can share the page with all of your facebook friends.